Commercial Vessels

Commercial Vessel Valuations

Unlike recreational vessels, Commercial vessels have businesses and licenses associated with their operations.  

Vessels are required to be in survey and the value of the vessels not only relates to the vessel and its fitness for purpose and function, but in most cases the licenses and or survey classes associated with them.

Valuations for Commercial Vessels

Commercial Vessels MUST include an in-person inspection by the valuer. 

  • The vessel is inspected either in the water or on dry land.  
  • During the process the vessels condition is assessed and photographs taken. 
  • Any and all licenses and surveys held are checked and assessed.   
  • Background information is collected in re to the vessels maintenance and any upgrades or defects also considered.  
  • General levels of equipment are assessed and factored in.  
  • Calculating the vessels value is done off site and several factors are taken into consideration which can include; cost when purchased, new pricing, depreciation, sales data, current used prices, licenses and other economic or environmental issues or trends.  
  • Furthermore the vessels earning capacity and lifespan in performing certain roles can also play an important role in calculating its value.  
  • PDF valuation reports are issued within 72hrs of inspection.

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