Boat Valuations

Boat Valuations

How the Valuations Work:

There are two basic types of Valuations:

1. AVAA Valuation Report (Onsite Inspection)

  • This is the more fundamental and accurate type of valuation that MUST include an in-person inspection by the valuer. 
  • The vessel is inspected either in the water or on dry land. 
  • During the process the vessels condition is assessed and photographs taken. 
  • Background information is collected in re to the vessels maintenance and any upgrades or defects also considered. 
  • General levels of equipment are assessed and  factored in. 
  • Calculating the vessels value is done off site and several factors are taken into consideration which can include; cost when purchased, new pricing, depreciation, sales data, current used prices, licenses and other economic or environmental issues or trends. 
  • PDF valuation reports are issued within 72hrs of inspection.

2. Desktop Valuation

  • The least expensive and most basic type of report. 
  • Vessel details and pictures are submitted by email and there is NO onsite inspection. 
  • The vessels details are assessed and valuation calculated with a PDF report issued electronically within 48hrs.  

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