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Expert marine valuation services available across Australia.

Professional reports for legal, family law, customs importation, pre-purchases and insurance. Providing ethical, non-biased valuations and onsite inspections and desktop valuations Australiawide.

Professional Marine Valuations

Certified AVAA Valuer, Marine Specialist, fully insured, unbiased, ethical and servicing Australiawide

Boat Valuations (Recreational)

Valuations for personally-owned recreational boats and other marine craft.

Commercial Vessels

For businesses with licensed operations with commercial marine vessels. 

About Australiawide Marine Valuations

Euan MacDonald is a certified AVAA member (#442).
He carries Professional Indemnity Insurance and offers unbiased vessel valuations for both recreational and commercial vessels and marine assets.

He prides himself on being ethical, objective and professional. Euan started his career in ship sale and purchase for George A Morrisons (Leith) Ltd a shipping company based in Scotland. Certified in Ship Sale & Purchase working mainly in the UK and western Europe. Moving to Australia in the early 2000’s he set up a yacht brokerage business and expanded the network Australiawide.

He has sold over 1000 vessels since and been a specialist marine valuer with AVAA accreditation for over 10 years.

Marine Online & On-Site Valuations

Providing both desktop valuations and on-site inspection AVAA Valuation Report.

Desktop Valuations

Desktop Valuations 


AVAA Valuation Report


"Thank you for your very professional services in valuing yachts for Customs purposes on our behalf. Customers that we send your way are always very happy with you work.

Keep up the great job, we look forward to continued dealings long into the future."


"I have found Euan MacDonald to be exceptionally knowledgeable and very professional in all matters maritime; and as such, a highly recommended and respected marine valuer."

D Bauer
Sales Manager
Australiawide Boat Sales